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ESP knows professional golf. With over 35 years of knowledge, experience, and performance, we serve as the CEO of each of our professional athletes' businesses so they become the chairman of the board of their careers. ESP’s Athlete Management goes far deeper than just a client relationship. We are an immediate extension of their families and we co-exist in an ecosystem that requires trust, intimate personal knowledge, care, and understanding of the life of a traveling global athlete. ESP offers an unmatched level of individual attention for our players and their families, and we are fully engaged in all aspects of their life. Today’s best and brightest young professionals are built around a core team that includes a caddie, a teacher, a manager, personal trainers, sports psychologists, and often a short game specialist as well. That’s a lot for any small businessman, let alone a young twenty-something player who’s just starting their professional career. Finding life’s balance is the more important pinnacle achievement for a professional and that's what separates great talent management.   

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